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Intestinal Health Enhancer


Coccidiosis is a protozoal disease that predominantly occurs in broilers and laying hens and is spread through the feces of infected chickens. Although antibiotics are used for treatment and prevention, there are continuous challenges such as resistance and residual issues with associated diseases.

Above all, the use of antibiotics in feed is banned worldwide, so anticoccidial additives from natural ingredients are in urgent need….and improves the intestinal environment, thereby reducing ammonia levels and odors.

For poultry, 0.5 ~ 1 kg per ton of compound feed is recommended.

Effects Improvement of livestock growth uniformity, growth rate and feed efficiency, intestinal environment, and improvement of farm environment
Pest control rate 74%


Genikan is an upgraded product version of Yeasture, which has been produced and sold by Easy Bio for 17 years. Its metabolism level has been increased, and its taste and appearance has also been improved through this enhancement.

For Genikan, fermentation cultures were continuously improved in a natural environment to further strengthen the efficacy of the fermentation broth. In addition, the duration of liquid fermentation and the solid phase fermentation was improved through the additional enhancements, so that the fermentation metabolisms rates were sufficiently reached. As a result, the content of organic acids and vitamins are increased.

In addition, the microbial culture efficacy was enhanced by using a medium that is more favored by microorganisms, and in turn improving the final product production. In the drying phase, the top yeast fermentation products have been formulated through a complete control system and thorough quality assessment, including the use of low-temperature food driers to minimize nutrient loss.

For all species, 1 ~ 3 kg per ton of compound feed is recommended.

Effect Improvement of palatability of feed, improvement of weight gain, improvement of flow rate and fattening rate, improvement of nutrient digestibility
Feed intake improved by 11%, digestibility increased by 3.7%, flow increased by 6.8%, milk fat increased by 3.6%


CLEO maximizes the content of natural antimicrobial substances and metabolites after thoroughly fermenting and aging the selected microorganism strains, minimizing the emission of ammonia and odor gas through the advantage of intestinal bacteria. It was designed to take into account of both healthy livestock production and maximum farm efficiency.

The urease inhibitor activity secreted by the strain reduces ammonia emissions, and secreted small peptides are highly resistant to pathogens and inhibit respiratory diseases and ileitis. It also helps to increase feed intake and feed efficiency by improving palatability and animal health through yeast source.

For all species, 1 kg per ton of compound feed is recommended.

Effect Improvement of feed digestibility, improved feed efficiency, reduction of gas production, promoted manure liquefaction, normalized intestinal bacterial flora for antibiotic resistance, improved immunity, reduced salmonella, E. coli and pathogenic harmful bacteria, reduced mortality
50% inhibition of ammonia, 1 day shorter chickens


BYC was developed by Chr.Hansen, a leading global microbiology company based in Denmark, and has been the first product to be registered and approved as a microbial agent in the EU. BYC has been continually improved and optimized for the fluid livestock environment and industry, and its efficacy has been tested and verified over many years.

Two strains of Bacillus licheniformis (CH200 / DSM 5749) and Bacillus subtilis (CH201 / DSM 5750) are contained at a high concentration of 3.2 × 109 viable spores/g in BYC. Bacillus subtilis (DSM 5750) mainly secretes various enzymes to improve productivity, while Bacillus licheniformis (DSM 5749) controls pathogens by releasing antimicrobial substances. In addition, both strains promote the proliferation of lactic acid producing bacteria (LAB) and maintain intestinal microflora in the best conditions; they are effective in improving feces quality and intestinal environment.

BYC strains have very good acid resistance, thermal stability, and stability against antibiotics, so they can survive in various processing conditions and livestock digestive tracts with high efficiency. BYC is available in specific countries such as South Korea, Thailand and Japan.

Recommendations for use

For poultry, 0.2~ 0.3 kg per ton of compound feed.
For piglet, 0.4kg per ton of compound feed.
For swine, 0.2~ 0.3 kg per ton of compound feed.
For calf, 0.4 kg per ton of compound feed.

Effect Improve nutrient digestibility in feed, improve feed efficiency and productivity,
improve intestinal flora and health, improve fecundity, reduce ammonia emissions and improve housing environment
Improvement of the infant mortality rate by 3.2% points, 7% increase in weight, 1% improvement in FCR of weaning pigs,
2.6% increase in broiler weight, 1.9% improvement in broiler FCR


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