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Accelerator solutions


Absorption for digestion completion

Digestion is the process in living organisms which breaks down ingested food materials into easily absorbable substances by the action of enzymes and other agents. Absorption is one of the most important processes of digestion, and agents that assist nutrients and energy absorption in the digestive tract should be considered just as important as digestive enzymes themselves.

Lysophospholipids, the key materials of nutrient absorption

Lysophospholipids are derived from phospholipids, the major components of cell membrane bi-layers, by partial enzymatic hydrolysis of fatty acid groups. Due to their unique, key functionalities in the cell membrane, lysophospholipids have been studied and proven to affect the absorption of nutrients into the cell membrane by various methods, including partially changing the membrane structure, stimulating protein channels, and modulating membrane fluidity.

The advantages of four different functional LPLs in Lipidol

Due to the smaller molecular weight and structure, lysophospholipids contribute to form micelles or liposomes highly effectively. The more nutrients are packed in these small micelles and liposomes, the better the absorption of the nutrients become. Lipidol takes a role in the “repacking” process of nutrients for optimal absorption. In addition, Lipidol acts as an efficient biosurfactant which solubilizes lipids in aqueous emulsions due to its high HLB (Hydrophilic-Lipophilic Balance). Lipidol also helps better transport of nutrients in blood through extending the blood vessel and stimulation of membrane enzyme activity.

Synergic effects with digestive enzymes

Enzymes such as Endo-Power (unique natural multi-isoenzymes product targeting anti-nutritional factors in corn and soybean meal based diets) degrade polysaccharides into small absorbable molecules, as well as reduce the viscosity in the intestinal tract, ultimately result in improved digestion and increased metabolic energy.

With Endo-Power, customers can save around 50 to 100 kcal/kg of metabolizable energy value while simultaneously release extra available nutrients from anti-nutritional factors. However, with the addition of Lipidol, accelerated absorption of the released nutrients and energy by enzymes is expected. Thereby, overall digestion can be improved along with better animal performance and profitable outcomes.

Benefits of Lipidol

  • Lipidol improves nutritional value of animal feed by accelerating nutrient absorption into the cell membrane, resulting in additional cost and energy savings in feed formulation and allowing the application of down-specification.
  • Lipidol enables sustainable farm and feed businesses by minimizing nutrients and energy waste in feeds.
  • The application of Lipidol and digestive enzyme product, Endo-Power, creates positive synergic effect on the overall digestion in animals with profitable outcomes.
  • The benefits of Lipdol can be observed across all species of animals including poultry, swine, ruminants, and aquaculture.

Applications and recommended use of Lipidol

  • Lipidol is composed of four different functional lysophospholipids including lysophosphatidylcholine (LPC), lysophosphatidylinositol (LPI), lysophosphatidylethanolamine (LPE), and lysophosphatidic acid (LPA), as well as hydrolyzed soya lecithin and calcium silicate as its carriers.
  • Lipidol contains 3% of lysophospholipids while Lipidol Ultra contains over 6% of lysophospholipids.
  • Recommendation at 500~1,000g/MT feed (Lipidol) and at 250~750g/ton of feed for all species of animal and aquaculture
  • Lipidol is produced and supplied internationally by Pathway Intermediates International Inc., a joint venture between EASY BIO, Inc. and Pathway Intermediates Ltd. The European market is supplied by Pathway Intermediates Ltd.


The significance of enzymes in our industry

Enzymes are biomolecules that act as key catalysts of virtually all complex reactions in living organisms. They are absolutely necessary for proper healthy biological functions. However, due to insufficient natural enzyme production in animals, the rapid increase in meat and grain consumption by emerging economies, and unforeseen risk factors (such as weather phenomena), there is a great need for a solution to ensure the economic stability of animal businesses and to maximize the efficiency of raw material use. Enhancing the way of enzyme usage as feed additive is one of the key solutions to fulfill these needs.

Endo-Power as the right “key” to target NSP breakdown

The Lock and Key Model:

As a lock only opens with the right key, NSPs (Non-Starch Polysaccharides) in animal diets can only be broken down with the right enzyme. Certain nutrients and energy sources are “locked” in NSPs-rich corn and soybean meal based diets, thus we need to find the enzyme “keys” to unlock these nutritional elements which can be beneficial to animal growth. NSPs have an observable negative impact on gross energy as well as on metabolism, therefore lead to lower feed efficiency, decreased digestive functions and growth rate in animals.

Unlike in wheat and barley based diets, specific NSPs such as raffinose, stachyose, galactomannan, and others are easily found in corn and soybean meal. Endo-Power is the key enzyme that targets these NSPs in corn and soybean meal based diets as well as other alternative raw materials such as DDGS, tapioca, cassava, palm kernel meals, etc. It possesses a wide range of enzymatic profiles which specifically targets these NSPs, breaking them down to usable energy blocks.

Enzymes as powerful catalysts that benefit digestion - from consumption to absorption

Probiotics are ideally living cultures that are beneficial to animal host. In order to take full advantages, enzymes play important roles in maintaining probiotics activities under various conditions such as regulating a low pH and high temperature environment, as well as removing the negative effects of NSPs in the intestinal tracts.

Endo-Power demonstrates a high efficacy rate, being an optimized solution for use with corn and soybean meal based diets. It can be maintained under pellet condition and can efficiently degrade target NSPs in the stomach even under very low pH levels.

Probiotics are ideally living cultures that are beneficial to animal host. In order to take full advantages, enzymes play important roles in maintaining probiotics activities under various conditions such as regulating a low pH and high temperature environment, as well as removing the negative effects of NSPs in the intestinal tracts.

Additional advantages of natural and fungal isoenzymes

Isoenzymes (or more generally known as multiple forms of enzymes) are isoforms of enzymes that display different kinetic parameters and regulatory properties. They are used interchangeably to process and catalyze the same reactions in the body. Isoenzymes enable the degradation of substrate molecules much more efficiently. Endo-Power is a natural product of various isoenzymes from fungal solid state fermentation.

SEM(Scanning Electron Microscope) picture of Endo-Power treated

Benefits of Endo-Power

  • Minimizes unused nutrients and saves energy by removing anti-nutritional factors in corn and soybean meal based diets through naturally produced multi-isoenzymes with a wide range of pH and heat stability.
  • Enhances intestinal digestion by reducing the viscosity which inhibits other digestive enzymes’ reactions with substrates and obstructs nutrients absorption.
  • Prevents disorders of the digestive system by reducing further fermentation of unused nutrients by harmful bacteria in the hindgut.
  • Improves reproductive performances of sows by minimizing weight loss during lactation period.

Applications and recommended use of Endo-Power

  • Endo-Power is composed of α-galactosidase, galactomannanase, xylanase, β-glucanase, and other enzymes such as amylase, phytase, protease, and others from 100% non-GMO fungal solid state fermentation with barley malt sprout.
  • Recommendation at 100~200g/MT feed for all species of poultry, swine, and aquaculture.
  • Endo-Power is developed and manufactured by GNC Bioferm, a subsidiary company of Easy Bio Inc., and is supplied by Easy Bio Inc. to countries all over the world with the brand names Endo-Power Beta, Easyzyme, Endonase, and Endonase Plus.


AGPs : A controversial way to increase animal performance

Antibiotic Growth Promoters (AGPs) are commonly used for prevention of diseases through its addition in animal feed and for the improvement of growth and performance of animals. However, it is also one of the most controversial and highly criticized products, as antibiotic resistance by the continuous intake of animal products with residual AGPs causes serious problems in human health as well as in animal health. As such, AGPs have largely been banned by government regulations and consumer organizations all over the world.

With the strong demand for safe food without AGPs, it has become critical to find ways to ensure a high level of animal performance through natural and eco-friendly methods. AcceLA is an alternative, natural product that works to boost the activation of the body’s metabolism.

Heme proteins: Accelerators of the body’s key functions

Naturally, animal body maintains a healthy state through various metabolic functions related to digestion for energy production and regulation of the immune system for healthy functions. Heme proteins possess a diverse range of key functions that accelerate these important functions and regulations in the body; they are also one of the most studied categories of biomolecules.

Heme proteins have diverse biological functions including oxygen transport (via proteins including hemoglobin, myoglobin, neuroglobin, cytochrome P450s, and others), enabling electron transfer (by forming cytochrome b and c of the electron transport chain), and assist the proper functions of the sensory systems (through heme proteins such as FixL, oxygen sensor CoA, and soluble guanylyl cyclase). In addition, the heme protein catalase aids in biological metabolism and defense.

In short, this means that heme proteins, combined with ingested nutrients, work to create the energy needed for animal wellness.

AcceLA, a primary component of heme protein synthesis

AcceLA contains δ-aminolevulinic acid as its main functional ingredient. It is the first compound in the porphyrin synthesis pathway that leads to heme protein synthesis in mammals and chlorophyll synthesis in plants. AcceLA works to significantly boost the efficacy of heme protein synthesis, activating the entire chain of the healthy growth process.

Benefits of AcceLA

  • Stimulates iron absorption.
  • Improves growth performance through the activation of energy production, oxygen, and nutrient transfer naturally, without the use of AGPs.
  • Saves significant costs of treatment by the prevention of diseases through accelerating the body’s natural defense systems.

Recommendations for use

  • Composed with spray dried δ-Aminolevulinic acid by patented microbial fermentation technology.
  • Recommendation at 0.5~1kg/MT feed for all species of animal and aquaculture.


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