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EASY BIO Corporation has continued its growth into a global company with the world's leading technological expertise and competitiveness.


Creation of new growth engine


PII(Nantong) Bio-Tech Co.,Ltd PII America


EASY BIO Thailand


EASY BIO Middle East
Obtainment of FAMI-QS (EASY BIO)
Obtainment of FAMI-QS (PII)


Transgenic pigs production by Optipharm
Construction of Pathway Intermediates International plants in Korea


Acquisition of feed business unit from Samyangsa (Current EASY Farms)
Company name changed from EASY BIO SYSTEM to EASY BIO
Obtainment of GMP certificate (SGS)


Acquisition of Maniker
Establishment of Pathway Intermediates International
as a joint venture with Pathway Intermediates, UK


Acquisition of Sunghwa Food
Acquisition of Hwacheon Agricultural Association Cooperation (Current Jayeonilga)
Construction of EASY Animal Resource Research Farm
Integration and strengthened R&D capability


Acquisition of Hannaeng (Current Farmstory LPC)


Establishment of Gacheon Agricultural Association Cooperation (Current Saedlman)
Establishment of Ekohoz in Russia for crop cultivation


Establishment of Farms World (Current Farms World GGP)
Establishment of Uiseong Bio Park
Construction of Bio-gas Plant and electricity generation, a first in Korea


Establishment of Optipharm Center (Current Optipharm)


Establishment of Woorison Farming Association Cooperation
(Current Woorison Holdings)
Animal feed and overseas expansion


Acquisition of Seoul Feed, leading company in poultry feed


Acquistion of Dodram B&F and Dodram BT, leading companies in swine feed
(Current Farmstory Dodram B&F)


Establishment of EASY BIO Philippines as an oversea branch
Obtainment of ISO 22000 and HACCP certificates (SGS)
Pioneer in feed additives industry


Company name changed from EASY System to EASY BIO SYSTEM
EASY BIO SYSTEM listed on stock market (KOSDAQ)


Establishment of Esys Bioferm as a joint venture with GNC Bioferm in
Canada for NSP enzyme business (Endo-Power)


EASY BIO-Resource Institute


Exclusive distribution contract with FORMAT International, UK on animal
feed formulation program Construction of feed additives plant in Korea


Company establishment


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