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Declaration of impartiality and confidentiality signed by the Bio-Resource Institute

The Bio-Resource Institute of EASY BIO is an internationally accredited testing laboratory. The laboratory holds itself to the highest standards regarding ethics, objectivity, any potential conflict of interest and confidentiality when carrying out tasks involving tests and customer information.

  • First, all laboratory activities are undertaken impartially and the laboratory management guarantees impartiality.
  • Second, external bodies acting on the laboratory’s behalf are upheld to the same principles of impartiality.
  • Third, any commercial, financial or other pressures to compromise impartiality shall be removed and personnel with conflicts of interests shall be excluded from laboratory activities.
  • Fourth, all information obtained or created during the performance of laboratory activites shall be treated as confidential information.
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The Research Network
EASY BIO has a team of in-house researchers with master’s degrees or Ph.D.’s, as well as a global research network. The expert researchers of EASY BIO with its highly competent R&D capabilities collaborate closely with prestigious research institutes and universities around the world to promote innovation. The solutions of EASY BIO start with its innovative research.
  • Pathway Research Centre
  • Pathway Research Centre based in the U.K. carries out R&D focused on the synthesis of new molecules, analysis of chemical compounds, genomics and microbiome studies. The solutions of EASY BIO start with some of the most fundamental approach to science of Pathway Research Centre and are optimized by leveraging the global research network of the company before offered to customers.
  • Bio-Resource Institute
  • As an organization leading EASY BIO’s innovative research, the Bio-Resource Institute makes the most of cutting-edge bio-technology, including those on industrial fermentation, microbiology, biochemistry, environmental engineering and genomic engineering to develop, evaluate and analyze high value-added animal solutions, new materials and substances, and new products. Through continuous investment in R&D personnel and facilities, a number of solutions are developed and upgraded in-house and 11 patents have been applied for. In addition, the principles of ethics are strongly upheld when conducting research at the institute.
  • Declaration of Impartiality and Confidentiality
  • EASY Animal Research Center
  • Located in Chungcheongbuk-Do , South Korea, the EASY Animal Research Center is a facility dedicated to the animal research of. Before solutions are offered to customers, their efficacy are verified on animals. The swine research facility that can conduct five research projects simultaneously, and research buildings with a capacity to hold over 4,000 broilers and 2,000 layers make it a world-class research facility. By adopting advanced precision livestock farming technology, the digestibility of individual animals are accurately evaluated at a new metabolic chamber for a more precise verification of the solutions of EASY BIO.
  • EASY Group Infrastructure
  • The infrastructure of EASY Group, from its facilities for bio-engineering to feeds, agricultural business and animal business and food processing, verify the solutions of EASY BIO to meet industry standards. EASY Group operates a pig farming business with over 200,000 pigs and a broiler farming business that produces over 150 million birds annually onto the market. With some of the best infrastructure in South Korea, the Group sees firsthand and addresses proactively the issues faced by farmers on the front lines, produces solutions to resolve those issues and offer them to customers.
  • A Global Research Network
  • In addition to the in-house research facilities in South Korea, the Group collaborates with many prestigious research institutions and universities around the world for its solution development. At present, EASY BIO is involved in approximately 20 joint research projects per year with such prestigious organizations and develops or upgrades over 30 solutions per year based on the research findings.

The Research Innovation of EASY BIO Continues

  • Patents


    • Lactoferricin gene and transformant expressing lactoferricin

      South Korean patent registration number: 1004545950000

    • Feed additives decreasing cholesterol and thereof egg or pork produced by the said feed additives

      South Korean patent registration number: 1004906980000

    • Lactobacilli separated from excrement of young pig and animal milk product and feed containing Lactobacilli

      South Korean patent registration number : 1004958640000

    • Lactoferricin gene and transformant expressing lactoferricin

      Registration number : US 7,186,795

    • Feed additives improving efficiency of grape

      Registration number : 1008726170000

    • Environmental friendly feed composite for a pig

      Registration number : 1008893970000

    • Antimicrobial composition comprising medium chain fatty acids for addition to feedstuff, process thereof and feedstuff comprising the same

      Registration number : 1010320330000

    • Fork arm for forklift having fixed type safety pin

      Registration number : 1013900500000

    • Apparatus for opening tonbag

      Registration number : 1014418450000

    • Synbiotic feed additive affecting gut microbiota and growth performance of livestock

      Registration number : 1015918790000

    • Artificial rumen model equipment

      Registration number : 1017963800000

The research institutes and networks of EASY BIO carry out innovative research through ongoing investment and close collaboration to develop high value-added solutions that contribute to the future of the animal industry. EASY BIO’s innovative research continues.


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